What is control engineering?

It is ideas or techniques that make our life comfortable, in easy words. It could even contribute to save the earth, in abstract words.

Each researcher in the field of control engineering has individual concrete subjects, and they would like to contribute something valuable to people by controlling something well, in my opinion.

One remarkable policy in our lab is that students are encouraged to do everything to achieve their purpose. They learn electric circuit, electromagnetism, electronic circuit, linear algebra, vector analysis, differential equation, Fourier and Laplace transforms, chemistry and computer languages, as undergraduate subjects. They study power electronics, semiconductor device, computer algorithm, optimization as well as control theory, their main subject, as specialist subjects. Besides, they have to be familiar with math calculation tools on computer, microcontrollers, typesetting software. Furthermore, they have to find electric parts available to meet their electric circuits that they design and assemble by soldering by themselves. They will have to investigate research papers and relate them to their own theme, and publish their result as a research paper, of course.

I believe they will be excellent researchers or engineers of control engineering only if they overcome many tasks and settle difficulty above and obtain much knowledge about a target to be controlled, and then control it as they want.

You see in the following our recent research topics that try to realize "green energy", "sustainable energy" or "renewable energy". You will see us be going to study just as stated above. The following is our recent research topics linked to details.